I’m here to help!

If you have any questions, doubts or ideas, I’d be happy to help you. Just drop me a message. To learn more you can also check out my blog or get inspired on my Instagram.

I’d be happy to help you in any way I can. Just send me a message, and let’s find out how we can collaborate.

If you love my designs, but wouldn’t go as far as tattooing them on your skin, I can still make one for you. For wedding invitations, personalized gifts, jewelry, or for your business: let me know what you are looking for!

  • 2 design options
  • If needed, an addition of one of those designs
  • A high-resolution file
  • A state of permission


Check out the custom tattoo design page to find out more.


I will create 2 options for you that you will receive within 1-5 workdays. After this, you choose your favorite design. Then I will send you a high-resolution digital file (PDF) and a certificate that proves you have my permission to tattoo the design you’ve chosen. I normally send these files within 1 workday after you let me know your choice.

I know that a tattoo is something very special. There’s no place for compromise. We will discuss the designs and see what we can change or redesign – without any additional costs. 

I won’t be satisfied until you fall in love with your design!

Of course! Please send me a message for a personalized gift voucher.

Unfortunately, no – or rather: not yet. I would love to one day. So if you’re an artist and can offer me an apprenticeship, please let me know!

To protect my work, and that of other designers. We put time and love in our creations, and it’s our source of income. Copying someone’s work without permission is stealing.

More and more artists will ask if you have permission when you want to tattoo someone else’s design. It’s one of the little things we can do to protect our work.

Flash Tattoo

At the moment you place your order to get your flash tattoo, you explicitly waive your right to withdraw the agreement (i.e. right of withdrawal). Once the download has started, you can no longer dissolve the agreement.

Custom Tattoo

A custom tattoo is a digital product that is made according to your instructions, which means that you have no right of withdrawal. You can, after you have placed your order, no longer unilaterally dissolve the agreement.

If it may happen that you’re not happy with my products/services, you can submit a complaint. Please note that a complaint must be submitted within a reasonable time after discovering the defect. If you do not submit a complaint within the period of time stated, your right to complain expires. You will receive a response to your complaint within 7 days (counting from the date of receipt of the complaint).  If Discreet Tattoos considers the complaint to be well-founded, Discreet Tattoos will come up with a reasonable solution as soon as possible. You may present a dispute to the dispute committees via the ODR platform. Click here to submit your complaint.