Getting a text tattoo: everything you need to know

Names, lyrics, quotes and words: one of the most popular tattoo is text. And I get it; I wanted a text tattoo as well — just not one like everyone else had, and everybody else could read. That’s why I designed Discreet Tattoos, to keep it a secret hidden on your skin.

In the process of designing and learning about tattoos, I’ve gained quite some knowledge about dos and don’ts when it comes to text tattoos. Time to pass that knowledge on! Here are some takeaways and some inspiration for your first or next text tattoo.

text tattoo


What to keep in mind
when getting a quote/text tattoo

Keep in mind that your tattoo will be a ‘moving’ thing: as you move your body, you move your skin. That’s why tattoos on or around your joints can look a bit distorted. Instead, consider more ‘flat’ surfaces, like your arm, back or rib cage. Also keep in mind the angles of which you can read the tattoo from, and if anything might be blocking (parts of) it.

Although a small text tattoo can seem classy, don’t take it too far: the lines will need to be very fine and thin, but you don’t want the readability to get less — otherwise, over time, your text tattoo will look like nothing more than just a scribble on your skin.

Some fonts are better for big tattoos, some for smaller. Other than that, you can also match the font to the sentiment of the tattoo, and of course, your style. A good platform to discover, test and use quality fonts is fontstand — play around with it!

If you do decide to get a tattoo in Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic or any other lettering you can’t read: check it with a native speaker, preferably two. Don’t just rely on Google Translate for this: a small difference in a symbol can mean a big difference in the actual word you are trying to write.


text tattoo idea


Original text tattoo ideas

Now, text by itself is already beautiful. But maybe you want more, give a twist to that text. Of course, there are thousands of fonts to choose from. But these ideas will take your text tattoo to the next level.

1. A text tattoo handwritten by a loved one

If you are looking for something unique and sweet, especially if the word or text is connected to another person: let your text tattoo be written by someone close to you! Preferably someone with nice handwriting, though — no matter how much you love them.

2. Runes or other old alphabets

Discreet Tattoos are inspired by and based on the old runes, but you could also just go completely old school and use one of the original alphabets. They have a simple look and hold a double, special meaning. Find out more in my other blog!

3. Discreet Tattoo

If you are looking for a tattoo that tells a story, but isn’t too obvious — well hey, even a bit mysterious — then a Discreet Tattoo might be what you’re looking for. I create them in two different styles, Rune and Mandala. Take your pick!

What words did you always want to get inked on your skin?