Mandala tattoos 2.0:
the meaning behind the masterpieces

Mandalas are fascinating to people of all ages. Remember those incredible coloring books full of mandalas in which you could create the most colorful and complicated masterpieces? It’s not strange we’re all mesmerized by these symbols. But what are they, really?

Mandala tattoo with meaning


Not just a pretty circle

Mandala means ‘circle’ in Sanskrit. They are composed of shapes and even symbols, creating a circular pattern. Mandalas reflect balance, eternity, and perfection. The repetitive designs inside of mandalas create a sense of harmony.

This blooming effect can also remind people of a flower and represent femininity and the blossoming of life. But really, there are plenty of meanings for mandalas. You can kind of take your pick. They usually come in floral or tribal styles, but with tattoos, you can obviously mix and match to make a mandala tattoo that completely fits your style.

This makes mandalas popular art in various religions.

    • Buddhist monks drew them on the sand in temples and used them in their meditation practices and other rituals. Mandalas reflect a balanced body in mind, which is in line with their beliefs.
    • Hinduism often displays a mandala in their room for prayer or meditation, because they link it to focus.
    • Christian churches often incorporate mandalas in their stained-glass windows.
Mandala tattoo

Mandalas made of mud

One of the greatest archaeological discoveries involving mandalas in recent years is the discovery of five giant mandalas in the valley of Manipur, India, made with Google Earth imagery. In the paddy field in the west of Imphal, the capital of Manipur, the Maklang geoglyph is most likely the world’s largest mandala ever made — entirely of mud. It wasn’t discovered until 2013, because its whole structure could only be visible via Google Earth satellite imagery. It is still unsure how old the structure actually is.


A mandala with your words

With a mandala tattoo, you don’t just put a pretty image on your skin, it also holds more meaning, like mentioned above. But what if you could give it even more meaning, by incorporating a secret message in it?

With a Discreet Tattoo in the Mandala style, I create a Mandala-inspired tattoo, and with the ‘alphabet’ I designed, I hide your favorite quote or words in the design. All while maintaining the beauty, synergy, and rhythm of Mandala tattoos.
Mandala tattoo

Where to place a mandala tattoo

Mandala tattoos are usually reasonably big — you want to be able to see all the shapes and symbols properly. That makes them perfect for spots like your chest or back, although they also look great on shoulders or legs.

Curious to find out what your favorite quote looks like when hidden inside a Mandala?
Tell me your story, and I’ll start sketching!