Placement ideas for unique quote tattoos

Think before you ink! Maybe you can’t wait to get your favorite-ever lyrics immortalized on your skin, but trust me, it pays off to think about it.

It’s not just about choosing the right words and font. Placement is extremely important for every tattoo, but all the more for quotes and words. Readability is key, and our bodies move and change. Keep that in mind when picking a spot for your tattoo, and talk about it with your artist.

That being said, luckily there are plenty of amazing places on your body to get words — Discreet or not — tattooed. I’m here to give you some inspiration and tips. Ready to get extremely excited about your next tattoo? Here we go.

quote tattoo

A quote tattoo on your ribs

This one might hurt, but boy is it worth it. The ribs are one of the most popular places to get quotes tattooed. It might be because it’s mysterious and sexy (since it’s hidden most of the time) or because of how it’s like writing on the lines of your ribs, but it looks amazing.

But beware: it can hurt. Keep in mind if you want to be able to show the tattoo if you’re wearing certain tops or dresses in summer, or how it looks peeping up from under your bra.


meaningful quote tattoo

A quote tattoo on your back

Your back is a huge canvas for tattoo artists to play around with, and there are many great options to place a tattoo. You don’t even have to go horizontally: it can look awesome if you place your quote tattoo vertically along your spine — sexy! You can even play with it and put words vertically on your shoulder blades.


meaningful quote tattoo

A quote tattoo on your legs

Want to be reminded of your favorite phrase with every step you take? A quote tattoo on your legs can look extremely cool! This is also perfect for long tattoos, say for song lyrics. You can place them on both legs, turning yourself into a walking artwork.


meaningful unique quote tattoo

A quote tattoo on your wrist

Are you just tattooing a short phrase or just one word? If you want a small quote tattoo, your wrists and underarms are a perfect spot for them. You can show it off a little more often than with the spots above, and you’ll surely see it every day.


quote tattoo

A quote tattoo on your belly

Yes, I know — this spot is all about symmetry. But hear me out. Because with a Discreet Tattoo in Mandala style, you can still capture your favorite phrases and reshape them into a mandala, which is a perfect design for that spot.

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