Custom Mandala Tattoo

The Mandala-style Discreet Tattoo’s catches your words and reshapes them into one of the most beautiful and sought-after designs in the world. Transform your favorite quotes into a design that fits your skin perfectly.

The price of your tattoo is based on the number of characters. Check your price here!

How it works:

Step 1: When you place an order, select the number of characters your tattoo will contain.

Step 2: Provide me with the words, names, or numbers – and, if you want, the story behind them. This will help me create a tattoo design that is a great fit.

Step 3: Within 1-5 business days, you will receive 2 options for designs.

Step 4: You choose your favorite design. If needed, I can send one alteration of one of the designs based on your feedback, making sure it’s perfect for you.

Step 5: One day later, I provide you with a high-resolution digital file (JPEG) and a certificate that proves you have my permission to tattoo the design.

Step 6: The design can be taken to any tattoo artist of your choice.